The pain is gone

It’s been a while, you are still often in my thoughts, but it doesn’t hurt much anymore.

I’ve been shredding all my old photos in preparation for moving and getting rid of other possessions.  It is an odd change in philosophy; we spend our entire lives collecting things and now I am trying to get rid of what I have collected.

I was shredding the photos of an old girlfriend, my second one.  I had terrible regrets about breaking up with her at the time, and one for whom I would have done anything.  Now I can’t remember what the big deal was about, I have no desire to ever see her again, and am not sure I could even pick her out of a lineup.

I have six weeks training lined up in Europe followed by a month in Hong Kong then two months in Korea.  I doubt I will see you there, but should we bump into each other it makes no difference, I no longer care.


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