Sad Reflections

I keep dreaming about you, I wish it would stop.
My fighting dreams used to be so happy but dreaming of you I am always sad when I wake up.

My Korean slowly gets better, even my very limited level was quite useful in Korea,
I will be fluent someday.  I will be back there for a few months next year.    I gave up the Japanese as learning that along with Chinese writing as well was proving too much.

The six pack that you boasted about the fellow students having is on its way, not that you will ever see it.  I finished writing the novel and the screenplay that I started. You will never read them but if you did you would see your shadows in them.

I stopped writing on the blog during my travels but now I am back in Hong Kong I hope that by writing down these thoughts I can let them pass rather than have them constantly on the boil. Please get out of my head.

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